Dolphin quiz update…

So it was the quiz tonight and we thought we were going to be reduced to a team of two, the ice-creams off to London in the morning. However, having told everyone – which is Tim’s team and Tas’s team, lo and behold the ice-creams arrived in the Dolphin in time for the quiz.

It’s a bingo quiz so you write your answers on a 5×5 grid answer sheet; when they are read out if you get five in a row or four corners you get a prize which means even u=if you’re useless you can, by chance win a prize! In actual fact, winning doesn’t really matter, it is the fun of taking part!

Fun we had! Actually, we did also win, but that wasn’t the best bit – the best bit as to be with friends and enjoy their company, scratch our heads as we tried to think of answers, and then find we were right on obscure or odd questions. After the quiz there is the beer round, when a totally random and odd question is asked and the nearest with the correct answer gets a free drink next week. Did we win? I’m not sure! I was talking to someone else and missed the answer. It was a question about the Harry Potter books of which I know nothing!

One of the questions was about breeds of pig… I love pigs and so of course got the answer correct!



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