Stiffening the creative sinews

Somehow the day has dashed past and I haven’t written anything here yet!! How did that happen? It’s been a day to throw stuff into the washing machine and get it out on the line as soon as possible in the hope that it will dry – and it has, sort of. I then had a writing meeting with my chums and then it was time to cook dinner… and I do confess I have faffed about a bit too!

On my way to meet my writing chums I had a sudden revelation about one of my projects; I confess I’ve been laggardly with my latest story, only managing to squeeze out a couple of hundred words at a time, which isn’t getting my writing muscles fit for the National Novel Writing Month challenge… This afternoon as I was driving along, several pieces of the puzzle of a plot I’m trying to jiggle about to fit and make sense, suddenly crashed into place. This is the thing about writing, it’s not always just sitting at the keyboard, or staring at your paper, pen in hand. Writing goes on in your head pretty much all the time. I mentioned yesterday I had met friends for a coffee, and noticed a couple of other groups of people in the cafe and began to spin stories about them.

I have been feeling a little irritated at my lack of progress, and today in particular when I’ve written nothing – just edited a few little things. But I shouldn’t feel irritated! Writing takes many different forms – and plotting and planning are one aspect, floating about being inspired is another aspect, and so is talking and gossiping about writing, discussing writing, arguing about it, doing silly things just for fun…

I now need a coffee and then I really will stiffen the creative sinews, summon up my writing blood, let it pry through the portage of the keys and hold hard my breath and bend up every creative spirit to its full height… now where have I heard that before?



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