What a lovely meal!

For our wedding anniversary – not a special one, although every one is special,, we went to our favourite restaurant in my favourite town of Bridgwater. The restaurant is the Green Olive and it’s by the River Parrett on the West Quay, so it is a lovely setting. I always feel Bridgwater is on the edge of restoring itself to its former glory as an important town in the area… I confess some parts of it are a little run down, but I’m sure it won’t be long before it spruces all of itself up! I love it as it is… but back to the Green Olive…

It’s a Turkish restaurant, so while we pondered the menu (which we actually almost know by heart) we had a bottle of Turkish wine, the name of which I confess I’ve forgotten, and my husband had a bottle of Efes beer. I had pretty much decide what I was going to have, but I still scanned the menu, in case I changed my mind. To start I had borek, crunchy little pastry cigars filled with spinach and cheese, husband and son had their favourite arnavut ciger, fried chopped liver with a salad of red onion and parsley, daughter didn’t have a starter as she wanted to save room for dessert!

There is so much choice for the main meals, so I decided to have a little of several things with a hot mezze platter – hot in the heat sense, not spicy hot, although some things were! My dish of delight included falafel, Turkish sausage, squid, fried hallumi and parmak kofti – grilled sausages of spicy minced meat… oh and another borek! Daughter had a chicken dish – gently cooked in a white wine sauce, and son and husband had a lamb and vegetable casserole dish.

Everything was perfect, and a great way to celebrate our anniversary… I was replete, but the others managed dessert… I wonder if I will choose something different next time we go?!

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