Clear soup á la Royale, with custard… yes, custard…

A coupe of days ago I shared the suggested dinner menu for March for six, from the Modern Practical Cookery book, published in the early 1930’s. Some of these menus have what seems to us odd suggestions, Brussels sprouts purée for a starter in January, turnip tops as a vegetable in February, but March seems simple and ordinary enough, clear beef soup, Vienna steaks which are like burger patties floured and fried and served with gravy, served with cauliflower and potatoes, followed by bake pancakes. However, when I came to read the recipes I discovered all was not s it seems…

The soup is made in an expected way with beef stock, beef, onion, carrot, half a turnip (they loved turnips in the twenties and thirties) parsley and thyme, with egg white and egg shell to clarify. However, the lovely, crystal clear soup is served with a savoury custard. What?? Custard?? Even if it’s savoury – custard???

Have a look at the recipe… I can imagine what it should be like, but I still am not sure if I fancy it:

  • 1 egg, whisked
  • ¼ pint of white stock
  • seasoning
  1. heat the stock and add the egg
  2. season and strain into a buttered mould or small buttered basin
  3. cover with a buttered paper and bake until set – do not let it boil
  4. turn out, cut into slices, stamp out small rounds with which to garnish soup

No, I still don’t fancy it. Here is a link to spinach custard to serve with soup in case that sounds more appetising to you:



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