Meringue jelly and cheese sticks

In my almost one hundred year old collection of recipes I came across a menu suggestion for May, which charmingly includes a table decoration!

Four old pewter drinking-cups holding daffodils and narcissi are chosen for this month’s table. Linen place mats, with orange or yellow hems will look well.

This is the seasonal menu which has been planned daintily garnished and very appetising:

Sole and white wine sauce
roast veal with stuffing & bacon rolls
potatoes ∗ spinach
rhubarb ∗ meringue jelly
cheese sticks

The sole is prepared with bottled French mushrooms (previously heated)  and the white sauce is made with fish stock and the wine and butter liquor from cooking the fish.

The stuffing for the veal – chump end of loin, is made with suet – which i think we would find very heavy and too stodgy for a delicate meat like veal. The other ingredients are breadcrumbs, lemon zest and herbs… so that would do for me – forget the suet! It’s served with bacon rolls or boiled bacon and optional sausages and bread sauce. This sounds a mighty meal for a late spring dinner! The spinach is soaked and then boiled; it’s very overcooked for our tastes – twenty-five minutes!! Having been boiled to death it should be finely chopped or rubbed through a sieve and then fried in butter… a big no thanks from me!

The style of cooking maybe be different but this menu sounds appealing if we cooked it ‘our’ way!


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