On your bike!

I shared a story, a very rough first draft, yesterday of something I’d written for my lovely writing group. The subject was ‘Bicycle…’ It actually wasn’t an easy topic, even though everyone knows what a bicycle is and will have had experiences on them or with them, or know people who have had, or have seen films or heard songs… no, not as easy to be original and different as you might imagine… and imagining is what writing is all about.

My story was about a twenty-first birthday, based on an actual event, many years ago, combined with another true story about an umbrella – however, I changed the umbrella to a bicycle and imagined a lot of details which never happened  and produced my story about a completely fictional character called Winfarthing.

So what did my creative writing friends do with bike/bicycle? A gamut of stories, hilarious, touching, terrifying, thought-provoking, reminiscent, realistic, fantastical, heart-warming, engaging, charming…

  • a ladder Lothario, the story of a handsome French window cleaner who brought happiness to a small mountain village
  • Romeo and Juliet – the young hairdresser and the young bank clerk… and who they became and how a bike changed their lives
  • a sweet love story behind the happy lives of a married couple, and despite tragedy, one of the best written endings I’ve come across
  • a poem about bikes, bike-sheds, and spiders
  • a creepy story of a family who move into a very ordinary house, and what happens to the little girl who finds a bike
  • the red bike – a grandma is bought a beautiful red bike, the sort of bike she’d dreamed of as a child
  • a biography of life with bike, through the years from a trike to a cross terrain bike to a mum bike to a mountain bike… one person’s history, love and joy of riding

The style, content, concept, emotions were different in every one, and I couldn’t help but admire my friends and their skills, and be proud to be part of the group!

Our group, Writers in Stone, has produced a much-praised anthology called Driftwood, the first year of our writing together – thirteen different topics!

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1798740311/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_9BscDbMKXHF53 via @AmazonUK


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