Quiz night

I knew family members of the quiz team would not be with me tonight, one at work, one practising with his rock band, one in Bristol, and I knew two others were having a lovely time in Scotland. I walked down to the pub on my own and just as I arrived so did Taz and his two team-mates in a taxi. We walked in together and i stood at the bar chatting to them. I’d said hello to Mike Scott and friend, and exchanged greetings with Tim and wife, waiting for their team to arrive, which they did… which was more than the rest of my team did. Things happen, something crops up, someone has to go somewhere or do something, so I wasn’t worried or upset… I just joined Mike Scott and friend and did the quiz with them.

This is the great thing about pub quizzes – well, most pub quizzes, well the pub quizzes we go to. People have their own teams, but if there’s someone stuck on their own they can nearly always in another team – and maybe even become part of their team. The friends in our team, the ice-creams (so called because they have an ice-cream parlour) are now friends of ours outside of quizzing – we go to show with them, go out for meals, they are all in the same ukulele group and shanty choir… all through the pub quiz.

If it wasn’t for the pub quiz we wouldn’t have started going to the local amateur dramatics group performance and have seen so many great plays and shows! If it wasn’t for the pub quiz we wouldn’t have become friendly with the guy who gave our son driving lessons and got him through his driving test. If it wasn’t for the pub quiz we wouldn’t have met our South African friends.

Going to a pub quiz regularly is more than just answering a load of questions in the hope of winning a prize… just as well really as we didn’t do too well, and in fact in round 1 only scored 15! We didn’t mind, we’d had a great evening, a lot of laughs, got our brains working, learned a few random facts… enjoyed ourselves… and laughed quite a lot at James who had bought extra long bootlaces for his big boots… only to find they were two metres long… yes two metres…


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