An unexpected and an expected encounter

It was a pleasant evening for a stroll and stroll we did and somehow it seemed a nice idea to pop into the Dolphin. Out in the garden ant the back there seemed to be a party going on with colourful shirts and people with flowers in their hair and leis – even the landlord was wearing  a sky blue suit with flamingos on it – , but in the pub itself, although pleasantly busy wasn’t too full. We sat in our usual places and before long the empty table beside us was taken by a man and two women.

It was inevitable that we got into conversation with strangers, because that’s what pubs do, introduce new friends! They lived in the next but one village along, Lympsham. Seven hundred or so years ago the village was known as  ‘Lymplesham’ which meant ‘a good place to live… and apparently it was and still is! The strange thing about Lympsham is that it has no pub! Luckily there is a sports club which people use to  socialise and have a drink… but a village with no pub! However charming, i don’t think I could live there! This was why the people at the next table had come to Uphill, in search of a pub. They had been before but many, many years ago, and it had changes quite a lot.

We told them that it used to be an inn with rooms, and it was also where some sort of local court was held where the license for the ferry operator was granted. We chatted to them and they to us and then a most remarkable coincidence, they were cousins of someone n my husband’s band! He has since emigrated but it we chatted a while about him and his family. It was time for them to go and as they left some other friends arrived (as we had guessed they might) and sat down with us… so altogether it was a pleasant and sociable evening

As a post script, the reason for the colourful shirts, flowers and leis – a seventieth birthday, and as we sat, plates of food were brought round for us to share! That’s the Dolphin for you! New friends, old friends, and free food!

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