Tracks of my years… what do you want?

Tracks of My Years is possibly best known as a feature of Ken Bruce’s morning radio show on BBC Radio 2. A celebrity chooses significant pieces of music from their life and chats to Ken about the reason for their choice. Tracks of My Years is also a 2014 album by Bryan Adams, however, I’ve never heard it and it’s the Ken Bruce Tracks I’m thinking about.

I’m never going to be famous enough to appear on the show, but if i did what would i choose? Thinking back to the early years of my life we had a radio but no other way of producing music. The music we heard then were mostly on request programmes and a limited number of records were played – Top of the Pops came later. I remember romantic songs by Frank Sinatra, Perry Como etc, comedy songs by singers such as Lonnie Donegan (who also played skiffle) and Andy Stewart., and just occasionally what was then more modern stuff, Elvis Presley and Adam Faith – my mum’s favourite! I can’t really remember what music I liked then, it wasn’t such a big part of my life – or many of my contemporaries, ‘pop’ was in its infancy!

This is for my mum:

Amusing to see a conductor on stage! The Beatles are credited with a big hair style change, but before them many lads wanted an ‘Adam Faith’!

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