Tracks of my years… there’s a place

A couple of days ago I mentioned  a feature on the Ken Bruce radio programme on BBC Radio 2 called Tracks of My Years. Personalities from various fields chose music which represents certain times of their lives. I thought back to my musical memories and the first one I chose was by Adam Faith, What Do You Want.

Moving on from those early memories the first really big influence on my life from the music I liked was from the Beatles. At school there were mainly two camps, Beatles or Stones – plus of course all the other Brit pop music of the time. It’s hard – no more than that, impossible to pick a favourite Beatles number as there are so many which are favourites for different reasons. It’s easier to pick a favourite album, My favourite Beatels album is ‘Sergeant Pepper’, but the one I probably played the most was the very first one which my sister and I played over and over, hundreds, possibly thousands of times so we knew every word,every note, every chord off by heart. We didn’t have a car radio in those days and when we went on holiday we just sang our way through the different song – how very tolerant our parents were because we were terrible singers!

Hard to pick out one from the album, but here it is:

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