Boxing night in the Dolphin

We actually weren’t sure whether the pub would be open tonight… it was Boxing Day after all. The staff work so hard to make our visits enjoyable they surely deserve a night off!! We gathered from various sources that yes, the Dolphin was open, and would be shutting at 10. Well, that was fine, after a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day, that was fine.

So we sauntered down, the three of us, husband, son and me, daughter at work. There was a nice number if people in, although not many we recognised; there was the elderly chap with the even more elderly (in dog years) white terrier sort of a dog, Nigel and Steve watching football, various others who looked familiar, various others who didn’t but were wearing  Christmas jumpers and looked jolly and festive.

Our usual seats inside the door on the right, opposite the bar, were taken so we ambled through and found others near the ‘public’ end. and had three wonderful pints. Otter Brewery has a very nice Christmas ale on called Elf, and I partook… several times. Son had his usual mixture, Elf, Birra Morreti and Guinness, and husband on the antibiotics had something alcohol free (he will be back on the normal stuff tomorrow!!)

We had such a pleasant evening, chatting about music – and the bands husband had played in., politics – how very sad and depressing, videos – I don’t remember but son suggested several… and just everyday other ordinary chat!

Then we walked home down the middle of the street, and now i think I might have a little whisky!

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