Walking out into a new world

Stepping out into a new world and i stop for a moment and breathe, just breathe. The sky is pellucid blue, so blue, the sun casting a clean light over everything. As I wander I’m hailed and wave at people I barely used to know; I still don’t know them, but now we greet each other with a jolly wave, a smile and a laugh.

The birds are everywhere, bold now, and full of song; there seems to be a surfeit of robins, if there can be such a thing; for unsociable birds with their kind they seem now to share space quite content, their trickling song ringing. Pigeons and ducks share space on lawns, flocks of sparrows twitter through the hawthorn.

I walk down the middle of the road, why not? I hear scraps of conversation from back gardens, rifts and chords as music is played or made. I’m not alone; people are walking everywhere, cyclists, sometimes careless in their freedom, weave between the strollers.

The air is full of the fragrance of May blossom, meadow sweet and the earthy smell of ramsoms. Other, undefined scents waft on the pure and gentle breezes, perfumes from so many different hidden flowers and herbs.

I walk out into a new world.

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