What on earth is greusze

In my 1901 A1 Cookery Book there are many dishes which have names unknown to me but when I read the recipe I find I actually do know it but by a different name. However, if I say ‘greusze’ then I’m sure barely anyone would know what it is; even if I said it’s something to eat, I’m sure there would be blank faces all round. I have, and have read, so many cookery books, have researched so many different foods and dishes – some by eating, some by reading about, some by looking on-line or reading other people’s blogs. I have never come across anything which sounds remotely like it, and from the name would have no idea even what sort of food it is.

Greusze is made from soft fruit and is a dessert. I’ve tried to find what the word means in other languages and the only one I can find which translates is German and it means grey. If you have a look at the recipe below you’ll see it is far from grey, so maybe the name comes from somewhere else, a person maybe? I can only find people named Greuze, so maybe it was a spelling mistake. Maybe it will be forever a mystery!


  • currants (possibly black currants) raspberries or blackberries
  • 3 dsp ground rice per pint of pulp and fuit juice
  • 1 teacup cream
  • sufficient sugar to sweeten
  1. rub the fruit through a coarse sieve
  2. add sufficient sugar to sweeten
  3. to each pint of pulp and juice add 3 dsp ground rice
  4. boil together for 10 mins and add a little water if too stiff
  5. take from the heat and stir in the cream
  6. pour into a mould to set
  7. turn out onto a dish and serve with cream or custard

I would worry that boiling the fruit for ten minutes would lose all its lovely freshness and flavour; whether you could achieve something similar by making cooking the ground rice in milk and cream and then stirring in the fresh fruit pulp I’m not sure. I think I would just save myself the bother and have the fresh fruit uncooked!!


    1. Lois

      It sounds delicious actually! And odd colours are just perfect for kids! Blackcurrants do have the most delicious flavour and yet only seem to appear as juice or squash!
      I seem to have accidentally trashed your previous comment – I will try and find and restore it!


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