Magick, real book and ebook

After eighteen months in the writing doldrums, the beginning of the year saw me beginning to pick up speed again, and a fair wind has seen me through to completing my latest novel Winterdyke. It’s the seventh in my series of genealogical mysteries – actually not just genealogical, there’s present day mysteries too for the main character Thomas Radwinter to puzzle out. When I first started self-publishing there wasn’t the option to have paperback copies so I published all my novels, Radwinters and others, as ebooks. My last two novels have been both real books and ebooks, and I am beginning the process of going through all my things and republishing them. It’s harder than it seems, and quite wearying and tedious. However, I am in the groove and pressing on. Magick, Radwinter #2, is just in the process of being printed and I am now moving on to number 3, Raddy and Syl.

Magick should be available in the next few days, in the meantime, here’s the blurb:

Encouraged by his success in discovering his Radwinter ancestors, Thomas Radwinter sets out to investigate his maternal line, starting with the mysterious and alcoholic Sylvia. His life has been somewhat dysfunctional, but now, gaining confidence through his new loving relationship with a beautiful young woman and her son, he is able to confront his own past.
His genealogical searches take him into the tragic histories of his family and other ordinary people who lived and worked under the appalling conditions of the Victorian age. His skills in finding people from the past encourage a friend to beg him to try and trace her long-lost daughter, a woman, who, it seems does not want to be found. He accepts her request, little realising this will lead him into danger.
Then the father of his partner’s son arrives; he’s come for his boy…

Here is a link to the ebook, I will update to the paperback as well when it is available:

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