Where’s the thing?

My family must get fed up with my refrain of “Where’s the xxxxxx (supply item I have lost/mislaid etc)?” On social media there are all sorts of little funnies, as my aunty would have said, and today a friend shared something which completely summed up my persistent problem.

It was a hand-drawn pie-chart, 50% purple, 50% green; the title was ‘Where’s the Thing?’ , and one half was ‘carelessly set down (I forget where) and the other half was ‘deliberately put in a special place (I forget where). This was such an accurate representation of my constant dilemma, but I added a comment; ‘Maybe part of an exercise plan… the amount of miles I walk looking for the thing… there’s also a third segment – thing blindness where you can’t see it even when you find it!’ So now the pie chart has three parts… but wait, no, there’s a fourth: ‘…and also forgetting which thing you’re looking for because you find a different thing you didn’t know you couldn’t find!’

I’m tempted to say I’m so forgetful because I’m older, but the thing is, I always have been. I also think that because my mind is so full of other people and their lives and adventures – especially when I’m in the middle of a story, that it’s not surprising remembering in the real world anything becomes tricky! Oh, and also, I’ve only just learned that they are pie-charts, not pi-charts – we didn’t do them when I was at schoo!

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