Who are allies, who are enemies?

It’s one of the features of some social media that it takes it upon itself to remind you of what you have posted on this date in the past. Exactly a year ago today I shared my excitement at publishing my latest book, Winterdyke, the seventh in my Radwinter series. Well, here I am, plodding towards completing Radwinter #8, at present untitled but which I hope to excitedly announce within the next few months!

This is the blurb from Winterdyke – if you haven’t read it yet, I hope this will persuade you:

Thomas Radwinter is invited to Athelmond Grange, a huge old place not far from Winterdyke Mere. It’s the home of the very wealthy Robespierre family. Gerald Robespierre, the elderly patriarch wants Thomas to research his family history and invites him to stay while the rest of the Radwinters are away visiting relatives.
Right from the start Thomas is baffled because the research, although covering an enormous number of people and wide time span, is actually really quite simple. However, it soon becomes clear that there is a hidden agenda and a particular reason why Thomas was asked to do the genealogical investigation.
“I looked at my notes on the somewhat mysterious undertaking. I’d been contacted by the PA of an extremely wealthy family who wanted me to do a complete genealogical survey. I wasn’t exactly regretting accepting, they were paying me way, way over what I’d normally expect, but I had a few doubts. To be honest it seemed a bit odd, and if I had a sixth sense it would be pricking right now – if that’s what sixth senses do. But doesn’t the sixth sense enable you to see dead people? I remembered the film, and then wished I hadn’t.”
He uncovers what might have been a murder committed a hundred years ago, which the family may not want to know about. As if that wasn’t enough, two other members of the family separately approach him, asking him to take on different but equally extraordinary commissions, one to look for a Viking hoard, the other to prove the identity of someone claiming to be a Robespierre heir, someone who is now dead.
It is the worst winter for many years and Thomas is stuck at Athelmond. Someone doesn’t want him to succeed but with which commission? He begins to wonder if he is safe, or if his life in danger. Who can he trust? There are no friends, but who are his allies, who are his enemies?Thomas is trapped by a big freeze and wonders if he will be able to get home… And will it ever stop snowing?

Winterdyke is available as an eBook, and as a paperback:


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