I didn’t realise until just now that in a certain way, today is significant to me. Ten years ago today, I started writing here! There were several reasons why I started, some of which I’ve forgotten, but I never realised how important or what an intrinsic part of my life it would become. When I started I was full of things to write about, but also I looked at what others did and tried to emulate them. Some bloggers posted a beautiful photo and had a lot of response from that and I tried the same, but I was quite naive and now realise they had a lot of response because they had a lot of ‘followers’! Some shared poems by other writers, but unless they made some comment on what they were sharing, or had some thoughts on it, there didn’t seem much point, and although I followed their example a few times, it seemed rather perfunctory.

From the beginning I wanted to write about my writing, I guess to promote it, but really it was a way of me exploring why I write, and how I write as well as what I write. I also began to write about my family, people who I never knew, people who I only found out about through research, as well as my grandparents (who I barely knew) and my parents. I’ve always been interested in writing autobiographically, but have always found it tricky – now through writing here I felt I had someone ‘listening’ to me, and I’ve written quite a few stories as well as some imagined stories. I’ve also written a great deal about food – buying it, cooking and preparing it, eating it, eating in other places, food and eating especially with other people is very important to me! I’m a great reader and I write about books I’ve read, those I’ve enjoyed, and those which I haven’t so much.

I have written quite a lot here, I realise, and although sometimes I repost old pieces, for the most part I write afresh each time. Looking at the stats, unsurprisingly 2012, when I started was my ‘best’ year in terms of number of posts I wrote. I was full of ideas, and to be honest some of what I wrote was very short, and not very interesting. 2017 was the year when I had most ‘views’ and ‘visitors’ and that was the year we went to Tasmania. I had scheduled things while I was away, and when I returned I was full of excitement and bursting to write about our adventures and experiences. 2019 was not such a good year – for writing here that is; it was when, for some reason, my creativity seemed to wane and writing in general became more of a struggle. I have no idea why, I can’t put it down to anything at all – it was just something which was without any known reason or cause. Despite the struggle we all had over 2020-22, I wrote here, and as I mentioned recently set myself a couple of challenges which certainly perked me up.

So now I’m entering my eleventh year of WordPressing; it’s my tin anniversary apparently and in anniversary terms tin represents strength and resilience. This seems about right for the times we are living in. I once wrote something here which received a lovely comment which has stayed with me. I mentioned that I have always been hopeless at keeping a diary however much I have wanted to and however many times I have tried to. The kind comment was that in fact my writing here is a diary – and yes, I realise, that’s true. So writing here is important to me for that reason, but the other, and maybe more important reason which never ever occurred to me when I started, is how many really wonderful and interesting people I have made contact with, some many thousands of miles away. To all of you who read what I write, all the rubbish and nonsense that I prattle out of my keyboard, and all the pieces that I try really hard to be worthy of attention, to all of you, thank you very much!




  1. orbulon

    ionúin bláth ceiliúir sóch smaoineamh! tintin! Álainn amharclann aoibhinn áthas.
    Sumer has always been a beautiful poem and the first printed in the Oxford. Claire has a lovely coast in Ireland, though it brings back emotions… I like the sound of the north restored Glenns. Rebuilding different and giving things new breath in life. What would you recommend for dishes this week? I may try my hand at fixing food from distant lands very soon. Going to try my hand at blogging and create a spot for ramblings about silliness myself, meet interesting people and share stories and tales. Tata now. Glad I came across your Sumer song post.


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