A very jolly crowd

Unsurprisingly we were in a pub this afternoon, although surprisingly because it was the afternoon and not an evening at a time when many people are thinking about retiring to bed. There was a reason for being in the pub which for me was nothing to do with beer as I was drinking diet cola. The Beach’d Buoys, Weston’s premier shanty band was in a mini-fest in our neighbouring town of Highbridge and since my husband was singing,  I was driving.

The Beach’d Buoys were reformed several times from jetsam and flotsam found lurking in and around the side alleys and darkest recesses of the Weston-super-Mare area. We are a not-for-profit singing/shanty band and profits go towards the children’s hospice at Wraxall in Somerset.

Highbridge was a market town on the River Brue, now it is still on the Brue but a market town no more. The pub the Buoys were performing in was The Globe. We’d passed it before but had never been in so were interested to see what it was like, as a venue and as a pub. As soon as we walked in we were struck by the friendly atmosphere – and not just because the other Buoys were with us. There was a very jolly crowd, most of whom seemed to know each other or be related or connected and everyone was very pleasant and welcoming.  If I say it was down to earth, I mean that as a compliment, it was comfortable, it was full of the sound of conversation and chat and once the Buoys started to sing there was enthusiastic participation and appreciation from the folk standing around, sitting at tables, leaning on the bar. I wasn’t able to sample the beer on this occasion, but husband had a couple of lovely pints of Gorge Best from Cheddar Ales (Gorge Best is not a typo, it’s a nod to the great footballer and to Cheddar Gorge)

So why were the Buoys performing in the wonderful Globe in Highbridge? Because it was the Highbridge Busk-a-thon!

globe 2



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