A moment on the lips

I guess I was thinking somewhat ruefully that my feeble attempts to lose some weight are somewhat doomed – not just because it’s this time of year (anniversary, birthday, birthday, Christmas ‘do’s’ and actual Christmas), but because I seem now to be very poorly motivated, have no self-discipline, and am just not determined enough. As I was thinking these things, one of those corny but true phrases drifted though my mind – ‘a second on the lips, an inch on the hips’. There are variations – ‘A moment on the lipsforever on the hips,’, ‘once on the lips, forever on the hips’ and so on – they all mean the same, as Wiktionary has it: indulgence in food and drink gives a brief period of sensory pleasure but tends to increase one’s body weight in the long term. 

This lodged in my mind, but just caused me to sigh a lot rather than become determined to do something about it. Then, unbidden, a memory from when I was about fifteen flashed into my mind. I was in a swimming club, a very social group of people and there were various parties which we all went to. I have to say they were the most innocent and sober affairs – like children’s parties but for teenagers. Maybe there were other more grown up and sophisticated party parties going on which I didn’t go to, but just I think back to those get togethers with sausage rolls, vol-au-vents, and beer and wine – but not too much of either.

The party I’m remembering was given by Pat and we had a great time at her home, squashed in the sitting room with snacks and drinks in the kitchen. Her boyfriend, was at the University, and there were other Uni lads there too, some I knew but one, I didn’t. His name was Hamish and I think he came from Scotland as well as having a Scottish name. I was very taken with him, but rather shy. He was slim and wiry, nice looking – a clever, friendly face, very black hair and the most amazing true green eyes. I don’t suppose I spoke to him but there was a great hubbub of chat and laughter and the Beach Boys playing loudly. Fifteen and sixteen year olds now would think it so boring and juvenile! We started playing a few games, including spin the bottle. We sat in a circle and took it in turns to spin the bottle, and whoever it pointed to (of the opposite sex) you had to leave the room and kiss! Honestly, I’m chuckling to myself as I write it! I couldn’t believe my luck when guess what, I spun and it pointed straight at Hamish! I was so dim, I never thought to try and trick it, it was pure chance!

We left the room and went into the hall and I received the most fleeting kiss from this green-eyed, handsome guy.

And that was it! The party continued and we all had a great time, I was so excited, I guess I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the evening. That swift brush of his lips on mine – such is what dreams are made of! I never met Hamish again, but in a way it didn’t matter, even at the time I knew it was just one of those magic moments. He had been drinking wine, and there was something about that innocent wine flavoured buss on the lips that I have never, ever forgotten. So today when I was thinking about a second on the lips, an inch on the hips – my mind went somewhere else completely! And somewhere, where a moment on the lips, was much more pleasant!


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