The ferry across the Solent between Portsmouth and Gosport only takes four minutes, but even so, those four minutes are magical – being on a ferry and crossing from one place to another. Ferry men have always had a mythological status; Charon who took the dead across Styx to Hades figures is referred to even […]


The Spinnaker Tower

Visiting Portsmouth over the weekend we sat beneath the Spinnaker Tower and had coffee. It certainly is a remarkable construction, completed in 2005, having been taken a year to plan and four to build. It is 560 feet high and can be seen from miles and miles away. From the top of it (apparently, I […]


Yes!… Yes?

I have a fascination with graveyards and old memorials and commemorative plaques, not to be morbid but to wonder about past lives. So often there is a story behind the inscription and sometimes little biographical notes tell us something about the person who is being remembered. So wandering in the Kingston Cometary in Portsmouth, I glanced […]