Where it’s at

This is a repeat of a blog which, for some reason was not visible when I posted it; herre it is again: Most of my books are set in an imaginary place, the coastline stretching between the small seaside town of Easthope, and the larger city of Strand, and the villages in the countryside inland. […]


Comings and goings

I dare say if I was a commuter who had to travel to work by train every day, and was confounded by delays and track repairs and broken trains I would not feel quite so enamoured by train travel. However, I’m fortunate and when I’m travelling it is always to do something pleasant, go to a […]


The Flower of Bristol

I’m sure many people have heard of the Flower of Scotland, but I’m not sure many people apart from Bristol folk have heard of the Flower of Bristol; it is our nearest big city and we have visited it dozens and dozens of times over the years but we didn’t know it had its own […]