Pubs and and pints… beer, wine and spirits

The title says it all! Pubs are are a fundamental part of British life, there are no places like them anywhere else in the word; pubs may be owned by companies or individuals, run by landlords or managers, but they belong to the community. There is a well-known story of a vicar preaching against the evils of drink who dropped a worm into a glass of water and another into a glass of beer. At the end of his sermon the worm in the beer had died and he asked what the congregation learned from this. A voice from the back came clearly: “If you don’t want worms, drink beer.”

Right at home… in the Home Cottage

My husband Bari grew up near Redhill, Surrey,  and visited many, many pubs in the town… but one he never went in was the Home Cottage, near Redhill station. Redhill is a comparatively new town, in terms of English history, it started around 1818 and grew with the arrival of the railway. Redhill is one of the only places in the whole of the country where Fullers Earth […]