Suitably mysterious?

My latest novel is the third in a series of genealogical mysteries; in the first, Radwinter, Thomas traces his ancestors back using on-line genealogical sites, looking at census returns and other archive materials. In Magick, Thomas continues his research and this time the trail leads him to 1840’s Australia and a convict sentenced to transportation […]


Changing characters

For the first time in al my years of writing and with all the different things I have written, I have characters who are moving from one book to another. When I started writing my Radwinter stories… I had no idea that they would be ‘stories‘, I was going to write ‘a story‘, singular… but somehow the […]


Thomas Radwinter

My previous post was about the third part of the Radwinter story I am writing; the main character, Thomas Radwinter introduces the narrative, just as he has with the previous two novels. Each story has a slightly different introduction, as Thomas’s situation changes. Here is the third part: My name is Thomas Marcus Pemberton Radwinter. […]